Orwell, Thames, Colne, Blackwater, Deben, Crouch to name a few.

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Official Dealer for Dockmate

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Over 30 years experience in Marine Engineering

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Reactive Quotations and Great Prices

We are an official Dealer for Dockmate for the East Coast. With over 30 years experience in Marine Electronics and Marine Engineering. Dockmate is a fine addition to our entourage.


It is common for boat owners who find it hard to moor their boat or are struggling physically to do what they used to. We have found that Dockmate offers an excellent boat docking solution to boat owners struggling with the docking part of their boating experience.


Single Handed boating opens up a wealth of use for your boat, especially if you go-to crew or family are busy. That's why it's ...Docking Made Easy.