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Multiple Engines

Control your engine from anywhere on-board up to 150 feet away with Joystick Control.


Bow and Stern Thruster Toggle button to keep a handle on bow and stern with ease.

Equipment Toggle

Control other equipment on-board including the horn from your remote. It is possible to integrate Hydraulic Platforms. 


Industry Leading FHSS and Waterproof Controller with 3 Year Warranty as Standard.

Main Features

In the box

Wireless Remote: Waterproof controller with 3 year warranty, rubber finish and ergonomic controller with neck strap. Motherboard: This is where the magic happens. A very intelligent system that can be hidden away easily.The additional modules take up no extra space as is installed in the motherboard box upon delivery. Engine Module: This is the module that interfaces with your engines, the modules changes depending on what engines you have. Horn Module: This is the modules that handles the additional toggle function. Turn the horn off/on. Thruster Module/s: This interfaces with the Thrusters on-board and enables control of either from the controller.


Technical Details

  • Connection Type: Analogue, CAN bus or Direct. This depends on the make, model and age of the engines.
  • Additional Modules available seperately and retrospectively which is great if you change boats or equipment on-board.
  • 2 way communication ensuring faultless operation
  • 88-bit encoding for reliable data transmission
  • 12 double relays, 2 single relays for improved safety
  • Visual confirmation on the transmitter confirmer receiver status
  • Visiual and Audible confirmation on the receiver status
  • Automatic Shutdown inbuilt into the transmitter after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • 50m Range
  • Easy to hide receiver (22x22x6cm)
  • Automatic Take Command on Remote to take active-station.
  • Waterproof Remote with rubber finish
  • 12v or 24v power supply for the receiver
  • 433 and 868 MHz Frequency
  • Plug and Play for most brands - perfect for quicker install and de-install.

Volvo IPS compatibility

Volvo IPS Systems are now supplying a number of the biggest brands in boat manufacture. Enhanced manouverability and an easy docking method has made it desirable for those who are new to boating to helm effectively. The only thing missing is the abilty to change your helms position to better view your boat in relation to her berth. Depending on what boat you are looking to buy or have already bought will effect the view from the static helms position/s. Some provide excellent views and some not. This becomes irrelevant with the IPS module available with Dockmate as you can have the joystick control anywhere on board; from bathing platform to bow.

Compatible Brands

Compatible Brands Include

One of the things that makes Dockmate an Industry Leader is the fact that splicing is not necessary and the plug-and-play compatibility is available for most brands including the below:

  1. Volvo Penta including IPS and Dynamic Positioning
  2. Yanmar
  3. MAN
  4. Mercury
  5. Cummins
  6. Caterpillar
  7. Side-Power
  8. Vetus
  9. ZF Microcommander
  10. Twin Disc
  11. Teleflex
  12. Rexroth
  13. MTU
  14. Morse
  15. Hirschmann
  16. Glendinning
  17. Flexball
  18. Faston
  19. Deutsch
  20. CMC Marine
  21. Bosch
  22. ABT- Trac