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How Much is Dockmate?

The costs for a Dockmate installation depends on the number of functions and the type of connection to your system. A basic 5 function Dockmate system costs around £4,500 plus installation. Typical prices are available on our example installation page see the menu at the top for more information on pricing. Or, fill in the form on our contact page and get an accurate quote within 48 hours.

Dockmate Details

What is Dockmate?

Dockmate is the latest in advanced, very effective and affordable wireless remote control technology for your boat. Dockmate enables you to operate your boat's electronically-controlled engines, thrusters, anchor winch, horn and much more from anywhere onboard your boat using a small handheld device.

What is unique about Dockmate?

To list a few things that put Dockmate as the industry leader; 2-way FHHS, Fully Proportional 3-axis "TWIST", Proportional Throttle Control, Horn Function as standard, Waterproof and floating control, 3 year warranty, Customisation Software, IPS functionality, Dynamic Positioning Toggle, Redundant Failsafe technology.

The Dockmate Warranty

We are confident in our product and we believe you should be too. That is why every Dockmate comes with a 3 Year Warranty. We will even replace the remote if the transmitter gets wet. Not only can you Dock easy but you can rest easy we are here to support you all the way.

How old is Dockmate?

Dockmate has been trading since 2012 and operates across the globe. Several thousands are sold worldwide and as a Industry Leader and Competitive Price Point this number is increasing rapidly.

How do I know if I can have Dockmate on my boat?

With Dockmate's increasingly large brand compatibility, having Dockmate is likely to be no problem. If you believe you have a unique set-up and would like to speak with someone, simply fill in our ontact form as best you can and we will be in touch shortly.

Does Dockmate just control steering?

No! The Dockmate system can control up to 7 functions!
Horn, Anchor Windlass, Winches, Port and Starboard Engines, Thrusters, Swim Platforms and much more!

If I get a different boat, can Dockmate come with me?

Yes, the Dockmate system is easily removed and installed on your next boat.


How long does Dockmate take to install?

Due to Dockmate's Plug and Play design, a typical installation will take a day or less depending on access and equipment. Sometimes we will install thrusters to boats at the same time as installing Dockmate, this is not included in the above timline.

Does the install require splicing?

One of the big advantages to Dockmate is the fact that splicing is unecessary as Dockmate is Plug and Play compatible with over 20 different brands including Yamaha, Volvo Penta, Side Power, Vetus and much more. Unlike competitors Dockmate does not requrie splicing and that means that both installation costs are minimal, de-installation is easy and there is no complex splicing to go wrong.

What frequency does Dockmate use?

Simply stated, not one. Dockmate uses a state of the art 2-way FHSS system with 88-bit encoding, and FM modulation on the 433 MHz frequency; this provides superior range.

What is the range of the Dockmate controller?

Between the remote and the antenna you can disappear up to 150 ft away. If this is not enough range, there is an optional add-on for a range extension antenna which will increase from 150 feet to over 500 feet! The unit costs around £40 + installation.

Does Dockmate have proportional throttle control?

Yes, Dockmate offers optional proportional throttle control on the Twin and Twist Remotes. On the Twist the more you push the Joystick Forward, the more power you have. On the Twinn you simply step-up and down the buttons to increase and decrease throttle pressure.

What is I have only a single Engine?

We have a remote control specifically for single engine boats. See Dockmate Single, or contact us for more information.

Is Dockmate IPS - Enabled

Yes. Volvo TWIST for IPS feels exactly like an exact replica of the Volvo IPS joystick as it uses the existing system to interface. Have the feel of the Volvo IPS Joystick in your hands, anywhere on board!