Additional Helm Station? 1 Thing You Need To Know

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Installation of an additional helm station whether on a new boat or retrofitting onto a used vessel is a common solution for moorers. When difficulty gaining proper view of your vessel is difficult, having an additional helms position that is better placed can make all the difference. Usually placed in the cockpit to the port or starboard side you gain a third point of view.

The hope is that the choice of 3 vantage points is better than one and at least one of them is suitably placed when mooring.

The cost of installation ranges significantly, but is not usually an inexpensive installation, when done correctly.

The limitations of this solution have always been the same. The additional helm station is a permanent fixture. You're stuck at the helm and no matter what station you are positioned you are still at the mercy of that particular vantage point.

Technology has come such a long way in boating and there is a much better solution in the way of remote docking systems, from Dockmate. The main advantages are as follows:

1.Often less expensive than a permanent helm installation

2.Installation and Removal requires no GRP or splicing alterations

3.You gain a mobile vantage point and can helm from anywhere onboard

4.Compatible with major brands

5.Control more than throttle controls; Engines, Thrusters, Windlass, Horn, Dynamic Positioning, High Mode and more...

6.Use when anchoring

7.Enables single handed boating with ease.

The list is more exhaustive but if you are thinking about an additional helm station and would like to explore this option, simply request a quotation to get in touch and discuss.

The quotation form gives us your boat information so that we know the technical bits before speaking with you.

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