Dockmate Warranty

Every Dockmate is accompanied by a 3 year warranty. If the transmitters are accidentally dropped overboard the warranty will not be voided, the controllers are buoyant as we realise accidents happen.

In the unlikely event that your Dockmate® ever needs to be serviced, it can be easily done by your country's Dockmate® distributor.

All Dockmate systems are made from a series of modules specially designed for your boats systems. Upon confirming a Dockmate Installation the correct modules are loaded into the Dockmate Shell and delivered to your installer.

If you happen to require the Dockmate Gearbox Driver then you will have a seperate interface that allows Dockmate to directly interface with an engines gearbox.

Whenever looking into interfaces for your boat, it is always good to ask about your manufacturer warranty, mostly applicable to new boats. As confirmed by Dockmate, "the warranty on the engine will not be declared void by the manufacturer." (, 23/02/2020, Gearbox Driver)

Dockmate is now providing Princess Motor Yachts in the manufacturer of New Princess Models for installation from new. For more information about the Dockmate System, Installation Possibilities and other information, visit

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