Dockmate on Princess Motor Yachts

Princess Motor Yachts with Dockmate Installation. 

Installing Dockmate on your Princess is easy. It takes 1 day to install to get you up and running with a remote docking system that is removable if you come to sell and discreet. With the best value for money option on the market and a 3 year warranty you will not be disappointing.

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A full range of options for your boat.

Dockmate is the industry leader for a few reasons. Dockmate is; plug and play ready, removable, out of site, 3 year warranty, ergonomic controller, best value for money and much more.


Dockmate SIngle.PNG

Single Engine

Great for Sailboats, Single-Engined Sports or Cruisers. Shaft Drive, Sail Drive or Outdrive.


Dockmate Twin.PNG

Two or More Engines

Great for Twin-Engined Cruisers with Thruster Controls. Use both Engines, Bow and Stern Thrusters separately of each other.


Dockmate Twist.PNG

Two or More Engines

Excellent for POD Drives or Twin Engined vessels that uses intelligent joystick functionality. Proportional throttle and thruster controls available.