Docking Made Easy.

Don't get tied up when docking.
How Dockmate has helped boaters Worldwide.

Marina Pontoons

Marina Pontoons are getting more and more crowded and with most UK Pontoons being suited for 35 ft vessels, it is more difficult than ever coming in to berth. The stress of berthing in a marina is reported as one of the most common reasons for not leaving the marina.

Dockmate relieves the stress of mooring by enabling any helmsman to take any vantage point onboard and even help with the lines alongside controlling the approach.

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Locks and Waterways

Inland Waterways are peppered with Lock systems that require boat uses to come alongside, lock-in and then lock-out as large amounts of water exchange the water level. The Norfolk Broads is famous for the idyillic waterways.


During the summer locks and waterways become very busy, especially along the Thames River which has 45 locks in total.

Having the ability to easily navigate these with competence is a great boating advantage that Dockmate aids helmsman to do.

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Single or Short-handed

When you are boating on your own, preparing for docking, anchoring, come alongside and general close quarters becomes a task for the helmsman. Without a deck hand or helpful crew it is sometimes more difficult to complete these tasks without leaving the helms position unattended.

With Dockmate hanging around your neck you can make meaningful course alterations whilst on deck, bathing platforms or any vantage point on the boat.

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Restrictive Movement

After having many years of experience boating can become a physical impossibility for those with physical restrictions or disabilities. Dockmate can delay the need to sell, or make available boating for those who would otherwise be physically unable. By being able to control the vessels main propulsion functions by pushing a few buttons on a controller or operating a small joystick many people have enjoyed boating for further years to come.

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